Sample Newsfeeds

A great way of developing knowledge and understanding*

*or, to put it more simply, the juicy details of the story!

Year 7: Medieval Realms

Year 7: Peasants Revolt

Year 8: Fall of Constantinople

Year 8: The Siege of Montsegur

Year 8: The Armada

Year 9: The Fall of the Bastille

Year 9: The Flight to Varennes

Year 9: the Middle East to 1987

Year 9: the Middle East 1987-2009

GCSE: The Spanish Civil War - Causes

GCSE: The Final Stages of World War One

GCSE - The Spanish Civil War - Course

GCSE - The Cold War - Origins

GCSE - The Cold War - Berlin Blockade

GCSE - The Cold War - Korean War

IB - Alexander III

IB - Lenin's Crisis Year: 1921

IB - The Last Years of Lenin

IB - The Causes of the Spanish Civil War

IB - The Course of the Spanish Civil War

IB - Stalin and Agriculture

IB - Germany's Loss of World War One

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