Random Word Picker: Overview

This is a simple activity which is a great way of rounding off a unit and revising important dates, concepts and people. It can also be used to randomly pick a name from a list of students. You can copy and paste your data direct from Word, Excel and other programs.

Sample Lesson Plan using the Template

Put students into teams of 4-5.

The first member of the first team sits in the "hotseat" with their back to the interactive whiteboard.

The teacher uses the "Random Word Picker" at www.classtools.net to choose and display a word at random on the interactive whiteboard.

The rest of the team have 30 seconds to get their teammate to guess what word is on the screen behind them by giving a definition.

A correct guess gets points for the team based on how many seconds are left on the clock (e.g. 25 points if they get it after 5 seconds).

The teacher should then provide a short outline of the significance of the term, and all students should make a note of it.

Repeat for the other teams, and carry on for as many rounds as you like!

Other Ideas for the Template

  • Copy and Paste a class list into the template, and use it as a way of randomly choosing students to answer questions or contribute ideas.

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