Short URL / QR / Citation Bookmarklet

Create a Short URL, a QR code and a Chicago-style citation for any website with just ONE click!

It is sometimes handy to have a shortened web address, and a QR code, to include in worksheets or other printed material.
I have created a simple 'bookmarklet' that allows you to create a short URL, a QR code and a Chicago-Style Citation for any page you are visiting.
Simply drag this button onto the bookmarks bar on your browser:


When you click the button it will create a short URL, a QR code, a Chicago-style citation and a pdf file to copy into your materials!

TIP: Don't see your Bookmarks Bar? For Safari and Firefox click your 'View' menu and then 'Show Bookmarks bar'. For Internet Explorer click your 'Tools' button, point to 'Toolbars' and click 'Favorites Bar'.