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Mary Williams may refer to: Mary Williams (professor) (1883–1977), Welsh academic of modern languages Mary Williams (caricaturist) (1869–1960), American caricaturist who used the pseudonym Kate Carew Mary Williams (The Young and the Restless), fictional television character Mary Williams, former Chief Secretary of the Isle of Man Mary Williams (Wisconsin politician) (born 1949), member of the Wisconsin State Assembly Mary Alice Williams (born 1949), former television anchor Mary Burrus Williams (born 1941), co-author of historical novels under the pen name Bronwyn Williams Mary Bushnell Williams (1826–1891), American author, poet, translator Mary Elizabeth Williams, American writer and commentator Mary Ellen Coster Williams (born 1953), United States Court of Federal Claims judge Mary Lou Williams (1910–1981), American jazz pianist, composer, and arranger Mary Williams (activist) (born 1967), American social activist and adopted daughter of Jane Fonda Mary Wilhelmine Williams (1878–1944), historian Mary Ann Williams (1821–1874), American proponent for Memorial Day Mary Rogers Williams (1857–1907), American artist Mary Frances Williams, American politician Mary Floyd Williams (1866–1959), American librarian and California historian Mary Williams, character in Another Man, Another Chance