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Marius may refer to: Marius (name), a male given name, a Roman clan name and family name, and a modern name or surname Gaius Marius (157–86 BC), Roman general and statesman Gaius Marius the Younger (110-82 BC), his son, also a general and statesman Simon Marius (1573–1625), German astronomer, known for independently discovering and naming the four major moons of Jupiter Other men from the Roman gens Maria Marcus Aurelius Marius (died 269), emperor of the Gallic Empire in c. 269 AD Marius Clore FRS (1955-), Anglo-American molecular biophysicist and structural biologist Marius Pontmercy, a fictional character in Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables Marius (crater), on the Moon Marius Hills, on the Moon Marius (1931 film), a French film directed by Alexander Korda and written by Marcel Pagnol Marius (2013 film), a 2013 film adaptation of the play by Marcel Pagnol "Marius" (Anderson), a science fiction story by Poul Anderson Măriuș, a village in Valea Vinului commune, Satu Mare County, Romania Marius (Laconia), a town of ancient Laconia, Greece Marius (giraffe), a giraffe that drew controversy against the Copenhagen Zoo for being put down in early 2014