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Filip is a masculine given name and a surname, cognate to Philip. It may refer to: Given nameFilip Barović (born 1990), Montenegrin basketball player Filip Đorđević (born 1987), Serbian footballer Filip Filipović (born 1987), Serbian water polo player, Olympic champion Filip Hološko (born 1984), Slovak footballer Filip Cristian Jianu (born 2001), Romanian tennis player Filip Marković (born 1992), Serbian footballer Filip Petrušev (born 2000), Serbian basketball player Filip Ugran (born 2002), Romanian race car driver Filip Verlinden (born 1982), Belgian kickboxer Filip Višnjić (1757–1834), Bosnian Serb poet and guslar Filip Zubčić, Croatian alpine skierSurnameMiroslav Filip (1928–2009), Czech chess grandmaster Ota Filip (1930-2018), Czech and German novelist, essayist, journalist Pavel Filip (born 1966), Moldovan politician Petru Filip (born 1955), Romanian politician Simion Filip, Romanian and Moldovan mathematician