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William or Bill Carey may refer to: William Carey (courtier) (c. 1500–1528), courtier of King Henry VIII of England William Carey (missionary) (1761–1834), English Baptist missionary, philologist, orientalist, translator William Carey University, Mississippi William Carey (MP) (died 1593), MP for Morpeth and Northumberland William Carey (bishop) (1769–1846), English churchman and headmaster, bishop of Exeter and of St Asaph William Carey (politician) (1887–1928), Australian politician William P. Carey (1930–2012), American businessman William D. Carey (1912–1998), publisher of Science, 1975–1987 William Carey (Guernsey) (1853–1915), Bailiff of Guernsey William Paulet Carey (1759–1839), Irish art critic and publicist William R. Carey (1806–1836), volunteer soldier during the Texas Revolution Bill Carey (songwriter) (1916–2004), American songwriter Bill Carey (comedian), member of the Ogden Edsl band Bill Carey (footballer) (1905–1973), Australian rules footballer for Hawthorn Bill Carey (curler) (born 1954), Canadian curler and coach