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QR Challenge: Currier 1

Created using the ClassTools QR Treasure Hunt Generator

Teacher Notes

A. Prior to the lesson:

1. Arrange students into groups. Each group needs at least ONE person who has a mobile device.

2. If their phone camera doesn't automatically detect and decode QR codes, ask students to

3. Print out the QR codes.

4. Cut them out and place them around your class / school.

B. The lesson:

1. Give each group a clipboard and a piece of paper so they can write down the decoded questions and their answers to them.

2. Explain to the students that the codes are hidden around the school. Each team will get ONE point for each question they correctly decode and copy down onto their sheet, and a further TWO points if they can then provide the correct answer and write this down underneath the question.

3. Away they go! The winner is the first team to return with the most correct answers in the time available. This could be within a lesson, or during a lunchbreak, or even over several days!


4. A detailed case study in how to set up a successful QR Scavenger Hunt using this tool can be found here.

Questions / Answers (teacher reference)



1. This bust-length portrait depicts a young woman with rosy cheeks and reddish brown hair against a dark background. She turns her head turned slightly toward the viewer as she gazes unsmiling into the distance. Very well dressed, she wears a red garment under a green over-piece with yellow stripes on the sleeves and bows at the shoulder. Her hair is intricately styled in straight strands and small curls, and she wears a headband called a “lenza” with a jeweled pin. Opulent jewelry completes her costume, including a beaded necklace and a pendant with pearl drop and precious stones.Portrait of a Lady
2. The unknown sitter in this bust-length portrait turns toward the viewer. His eyes meet the viewer’s gaze, while his left hand gestures as if he is speaking to someone. His clothing, like his pose, is simple and modest. He wears a white collarless shirt underneath a billowing black coat. The sharply defined, sculptural features of the man’s face are accented by a bristly beard, mustache, and sideburns. The only embellishment occurs in the sitter’s broad-brimmed red hat, which he wears over a black skullcap.Portrait of a Man
3. This painting offers an impressionistic view across a road bridge in France. Several people cross the bridge, including a woman and child. Poplar trees line their path. The river is visible at the left; a small town lies on the other side of the water. Clouds cross the blue sky, casting spots of shadow below.Bridge at Bougival
4. The image is set in a domestic space among everyday objects. Mary and the naked Jesus cradled in her arms are both shown with halos, distinguishing their divine status from Joseph’s role as Jesus’s earthly father. In contrast to the ruddy, suntanned Joseph, the mother and child have delicate features and porcelain-white skin. Jesus fingers a string of yellow beads around his neck. Mary wears a blue dress underneath a red robe trimmed with fur. Her hair is covered by a transparent veil. Mary and Jesus dominate the composition, while Joseph stands behind them, reading. The table in front of them is covered with green fabric and displays a still-life ensemble of several items: a folded, embroidered white cloth, half a lemon with the tip of a knife resting on it, a single lemon wedge, three miniature pincushions shaped like flowers, and a glass vessel containing red wine.The Holy Family
5. This painting of a peaceful English landscape depicts the Dedham mill in the middle ground, with its water wheel visible under a small, shed roof at the side of the building. In the distance, at the center of the picture, is the tower of the Dedham church. The sail of a boat by the mill is similar in shape to the sail on the boat in the left foreground (with its large anchor), creating a diagonal line through the picture. Completing the triangular arrangement, a clump of trees, sheltering a group of horses, anchors the right of the picture.Dedham Lock and Mill


Currier 1: QR Challenge

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Currier 1: QR Challenge

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Currier 1: QR Challenge

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Currier 1: QR Challenge

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Currier 1: QR Challenge

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