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QR Challenge: Co-teaching

Created using the ClassTools QR Treasure Hunt Generator

Teacher Notes

A. Prior to the lesson:

1. Arrange students into groups. Each group needs at least ONE person who has a mobile device.

2. If their phone camera doesn't automatically detect and decode QR codes, ask students to

3. Print out the QR codes.

4. Cut them out and place them around your class / school.

B. The lesson:

1. Give each group a clipboard and a piece of paper so they can write down the decoded questions and their answers to them.

2. Explain to the students that the codes are hidden around the school. Each team will get ONE point for each question they correctly decode and copy down onto their sheet, and a further TWO points if they can then provide the correct answer and write this down underneath the question.

3. Away they go! The winner is the first team to return with the most correct answers in the time available. This could be within a lesson, or during a lunchbreak, or even over several days!


4. A detailed case study in how to set up a successful QR Scavenger Hunt using this tool can be found here.

Questions / Answers (teacher reference)



1. The teacher and a second teacher plan jointly but split the classroom in half to teach the same information at the same timeParallel Teaching
2. This is the model when both teachers divide the instructional content, and each takes responsibility for planning and teaching part of it. In this model, the classroom is divided into various teaching centers.Station Teaching
3. It is a Geometry class of 27 with 3 Special Needs students. 90% of the kids are on pace and understanding the lessons. What model of Co-Teaching would be best for this situation?Alternative Teaching
4. One teacher leading the class and the other teacher is on Facebook in the rear of the room is....not an effective co-teaching model
5. What are the four models of co-teaching?Team, Parallel, Complementary, and Supportive Teaching
6. What co-teaching model takes the most planning time, curriculum knowledge, and level of trust?Team Teaching
7. One teacher is teaching a lesson on time management while the other teacher facilitates students working on a project. What model of co-teaching is this?Complementary Teaching
8. One teacher represents the information visually and kinesthetically while the other teacher teaches the core of the lesson. What co-teaching model is this?Supportive Teaching
9. What is your mascot?Thunderbolt
10. Who is your most famous Millville former student athlete?Mike Trout


Co-teaching: QR Challenge

Question 1 (of 10)


Co-teaching: QR Challenge

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Co-teaching: QR Challenge

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Co-teaching: QR Challenge

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Co-teaching: QR Challenge

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Co-teaching: QR Challenge

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Co-teaching: QR Challenge

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Co-teaching: QR Challenge

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Co-teaching: QR Challenge

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Co-teaching: QR Challenge

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