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QR Challenge: Celebs with DisordersThis E=MC2 scientist may have also suffered from dyslexia*einstien This 90’s pop music icon may have been “crazy” and suffered from bipolar disorder*Britney Spears This American dark poet and writer famous for “The Raven” may or may not have been an alcoholic.*Edgar Allen Poe This “Gatsby” author may have suffered from clinical depression.*fitzgerald This African-American actress known for her roles in X-men attempted to commit suicide.*halle berry Otherwise known as the “Fonz”, he was suspected to suffer from a learning disability.*henry winkler This TV show doctor who ironically ends the show checking into a mental hospital suffers from depression in real life.*hugh laurie This “Joker” is believed to have suffered from depression and anxiety, which may have led to his untimely death.*heath ledger This famous aviator was known to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder*howard hughes This comedian known for his roles in Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber also suffers from clinical depression.*Jim Carrey This former NFL player who now has a line of football video games named after him suffers from a phobia of flying*JohnMadden This blonde bombshell of the 1950s is believed to have suffered from depression which may have led to her eventual suicide*Monroe This former “gothic” president is believed to have suffered from a severe case of depression*Lincoln This famous inventor of the device (the very first version) you are currently using was also dyslexic. Substance abuse was a problem for this famous Wizard of Oz actress.* Judy Garland This 90’s rock musician who inevitably ended up taking his life may was also diagnosed with ADD and bipolar*Kurt Cobain This former British prime minister serving during WWII also suffered from bipolar disorder*Winston Churchill This British songwriter who composed much of the music for Disney’s The Lion King was a known bulimic.* Sir Elton John This British princess who tragically died in the mid 1990’s was known to have bulimia.*Princess Diana This former food network chef, known for her traditional southern cooking and excessive use of butter also suffers from agoraphobia and panic attacks*Paula deen

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Teacher Notes

A. Prior to the lesson:

1. Arrange students into groups. Each group needs at least ONE person who has a mobile device (note: an internet connection will not be needed).

2. Ask students to

3. Print off these QR codes for each of these quiz questions.

4. Cut them out and place them around your class / school.

B. The lesson:

1. Have the first ('introduction') QR code on display on your whiteboard.

2. Each team scans it into their device and gets told to start hunting around the school for the remaining QR codes.

3. Away they go! The winner is the first team to return with the most correct answers in the time available.


1. Award teams ONE point for each question they successfully decode, and a further TWO points for each correct answer that they provide.

2. Students in each team that do not have access to a mobile device can be responsible for research answers / hunting down the other QR codes for their teams.

3. A detailed case study in how to set up a successful QR Scavenger Hunt using this tool can be found here.

Created using the ctQR Treasure Hunt Generator