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QR Challenge: Maths Week IRELAND 2014

Created using the ClassTools QR Treasure Hunt Generator

Teacher Notes

A. Prior to the lesson:

1. Arrange students into groups. Each group needs at least ONE person who has a mobile device.

2. If their phone camera doesn't automatically detect and decode QR codes, ask students to

3. Print out the QR codes.

4. Cut them out and place them around your class / school.

B. The lesson:

1. Give each group a clipboard and a piece of paper so they can write down the decoded questions and their answers to them.

2. Explain to the students that the codes are hidden around the school. Each team will get ONE point for each question they correctly decode and copy down onto their sheet, and a further TWO points if they can then provide the correct answer and write this down underneath the question.

3. Away they go! The winner is the first team to return with the most correct answers in the time available. This could be within a lesson, or during a lunchbreak, or even over several days!


4. A detailed case study in how to set up a successful QR Scavenger Hunt using this tool can be found here.

Questions / Answers (teacher reference)



1. Mary has £4.62 in her purse. She has four different types of coins and the same number of each coin. What coins make up her total amount? 2p, 20p, 50p and 5p coins. There are 6 of each.
2. If I add the sides of a dodecagon with the sides of a nonagon and then divide by the sides of a heptagon. What is the answer?3
3. What is the answer to 3x4+6/2?15
4. Eleanor found £4. Putting that £4 together with the money she had before her good luck, she now had 5 times the amount of money she would have had if she had lost £4. How much money did Eleanor have before she found the £4? £6
5. All of Jenny's pets are dogs except one. All of her pets are cats except one. How many cats and dogs does Jenny have?One cat and one dog
6. If you start with the number one and use only integers (whole numbers), how far do you have to count before you need to use the letter ‘a’ in spelling a number?One Thousand
7. If there are 196 legs and 126 eyes at the dog show, how many people and how many dogs are present? (All the people and all the dogs at the show have the normal number of eyes and legs.)There are 28 people and 35 dogs
8. Louise runs the first half of a race at 3 miles per hour. Then she picks up her pace and runs the last half of the race at 6 miles per hour. What is her average speed on the course? The answer is not 4.5 miles per hour. Assume the course is 24 miles long. Louise needs 4 hours to run the first 12 miles (the first half of the course) and 2 hours to run the last 12 miles (the last half), meaning she needs 6 hours to run the total of 24 miles. Therefore, her average speed is 4 miles per hour.
9. Marina, her sister, her daughter, and her son are playing volley ball on the beach. Marina's sister is directly across the net from her son. Marina's daughter is diagonally across the net from the best player's sibling. The best player and the worst player are on the same side of the net. Who is the worst player? Marina’s sister
10. Three clocks in the train station give the following readings: CLOCK A: 8:00 CLOCK B: 8:50 CLOCK C: 8:20. One clock is 20 minutes fast. One clock is slow. One clock is off by half an hour. Help the passengers figure out what time it really is.8:30
11. Jack and Jill were practicing batting. Jack's first time at bat, he hit 75 out of a hundred pitches thrown by Jill. Then Jill hit 75 out of a hundred pitches thrown by Jack. After a little break, Jack took a second turn at bat. Jill threw him 50 pitches, and he hit 35 of them. Jill was tired, so she didn't take a second turn at bat. Who had the best average for the day ? Jack or Jill? Jill
12. Jeannine is bored playing with blocks while babysitting her baby brother. To keep herself amused, she decides to stack up all the blocks so that each row has one less block than the row below. There are a total of 55 blocks, and Jeannine wants to end up with just 1 block on top. How many should she put in the bottom row?10 Blocks
13. If 26 clowns can blow up 26 balloons in 26 minutes, how many clowns do you need to blow up 78 balloons in 78 minutes? You still need only 26 clowns, but you give them 3 times as many minutes.
14. Arrange five 8's so that they equal 9. You may not use a plus or minus sign. 8 88/88
15. How can you make 5 twos equal five? Here's a solution that uses 5 twos ? plus mathematical symbols that make the equation true, example 2 × 2 × 2 + 2 ÷ 2 = 5 Insert the mathematical symbols (+, -, ÷, ×) that will make the equation correct for someone calculating from left to right. 3 3 3 3 3 = 5 3 × 3 + 3 + 3 ÷ 3 = 5


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge£4.62_in_her_purse._She_has_four_different_types_of_coins_and_the_same_number_of_each_coin._What_coins_make_up_her_total_amount?

Question 1 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge

Question 2 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge

Question 3 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge£4._Putting_that_£4_together_with_the_money_she_had_before_her_good_luck,_she_now_had_5_times_the_amount_of_money_she_would_have_had_if_she_had_lost_£4._How_much_money_did_Eleanor_have_before_she_found_the_£4?

Question 4 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge's_pets_are_dogs_except_one._All_of_her_pets_are_cats_except_one._How_many_cats_and_dogs_does_Jenny_have?

Question 5 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge,_how_far_do_you_have_to_count_before_you_need_to_use_the_letter_‘a’_in_spelling_a_number?

Question 6 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge,_how_many_people_and_how_many_dogs_are_present?_(All_the_people_and_all_the_dogs_at_the_show_have_the_normal_number_of_eyes_and_legs.)

Question 7 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge

Question 8 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge,_her_sister,_her_daughter,_and_her_son_are_playing_volley_ball_on_the_beach._Marina's_sister_is_directly_across_the_net_from_her_son._Marina's_daughter_is_diagonally_across_the_net_from_the_best_player's_sibling._The_best_player_and_the_worst_player_are_on_the_same_side_of_the_net._Who_is_the_worst_player?

Question 9 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge

Question 10 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge's_first_time_at_bat,_he_hit_75_out_of_a_hundred_pitches_thrown_by_Jill._Then_Jill_hit_75_out_of_a_hundred_pitches_thrown_by_Jack._After_a_little_break,_Jack_took_a_second_turn_at_bat._Jill_threw_him_50_pitches,_and_he_hit_35_of_them._Jill_was_tired,_so_she_didn't_take_a_second_turn_at_bat._Who_had_the_best_average_for_the_day_?_Jack_or_Jill?

Question 11 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge,_she_decides_to_stack_up_all_the_blocks_so_that_each_row_has_one_less_block_than_the_row_below._There_are_a_total_of_55_blocks,_and_Jeannine_wants_to_end_up_with_just_1_block_on_top._How_many_should_she_put_in_the_bottom_row?

Question 12 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge,_how_many_clowns_do_you_need_to_blow_up_78_balloons_in_78_minutes?

Question 13 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge's_so_that_they_equal_9._You_may_not_use_a_plus_or_minus_sign.

Question 14 (of 15)


Maths Week IRELAND 2014: QR Challenge's_a_solution_that_uses_5_twos_?_plus_mathematical_symbols_that_make_the_equation_true,_example_2_×_2_×_2_+_2_÷_2_=_5_Insert_the_mathematical_symbols_(+,_-,_÷,_×)_that_will_make_the_equation_correct_for_someone_calculating_from_left_to_right._3_3_3_3_3_=_5

Question 15 (of 15)