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QR Challenge: Maths and History Week. Each correct question will get you a house point but the winner will be the first student to crack the code. Each Question has a letter in brackets. Follow these in order and crack the code to win the competition. Good Luck

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Teacher Notes

A. Prior to the lesson:

1. Arrange students into groups. Each group needs at least ONE person who has a mobile device (note: an internet connection will not be needed).

2. Ask students to

3. Print off these QR codes for each of these quiz questions.

4. Cut them out and place them around your class / school.

B. The lesson:

1. Have the first ('introduction') QR code on display on your whiteboard.

2. Each team scans it into their device and gets told to start hunting around the school for the remaining QR codes.

3. Away they go! The winner is the first team to return with the most correct answers in the time available.


1. Award teams ONE point for each question they successfully decode, and a further TWO points for each correct answer that they provide.

2. Students in each team that do not have access to a mobile device can be responsible for research answers / hunting down the other QR codes for their teams.

3. A detailed case study in how to set up a successful QR Scavenger Hunt using this tool can be found here.

Created using the ctQR Treasure Hunt Generator