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QR Challenge: Civil War Trivia II

Created using the ClassTools QR Treasure Hunt Generator

Teacher Notes

A. Prior to the lesson:

1. Arrange students into groups. Each group needs at least ONE person who has a mobile device.

2. If their phone camera doesn't automatically detect and decode QR codes, ask students to

3. Print out the QR codes.

4. Cut them out and place them around your class / school.

B. The lesson:

1. Give each group a clipboard and a piece of paper so they can write down the decoded questions and their answers to them.

2. Explain to the students that the codes are hidden around the school. Each team will get ONE point for each question they correctly decode and copy down onto their sheet, and a further TWO points if they can then provide the correct answer and write this down underneath the question.

3. Away they go! The winner is the first team to return with the most correct answers in the time available. This could be within a lesson, or during a lunchbreak, or even over several days!


4. A detailed case study in how to set up a successful QR Scavenger Hunt using this tool can be found here.

Questions / Answers (teacher reference)



1. What was one of the things Lincoln asked of the country in the Gettysburg Address?To honor the dead soldiers by protecting a democratic government as the soldiers had on the battlefield.
2. For what occasion did Lincoln give the Gettysburg Address?The dedication of a national cemetery.
3. What odd/strange item was discovered in Abraham Lincoln's wallet the night he was assassinated?Confederate currency
4. "Four Score and Seven Years Ago..." is the beginning of what AND how many years is it?Gettysburg Address and 87 years
5. Name Lincoln’s first general who later ran for president against him.George McClellan
6. Who was the Confederate general that led the failed final charge at the Battle of Gettysburg?General George Pickett
7. What right did Abraham Lincoln suspend to prisoners/spies during the Civil War?habeaus corpus
8. Where did Robert E. Lee surrender to Ulysses S. Grant?Appomattox Courthouse
9. What play was Abraham Lincoln watching with Mrs. Lincoln the night he was shot?Our American Cousin
10. Give the SPECIFIC location at the Battle of Antietam where the fiercest fighting took place and thousands of Confederates were killed?Sunken Road/BloodyLane
11. This battle was another Confederate victory, but led to the loss of their greatest fighting general in "Stonewall" Jackson,Chancellorsville
12. How many soldiers died during the firing on Ft. Sumter in 1861?none
13. What was the name of the North’s plan to cripple the South by blockading the sea ports and dividing the South in half at the Mississippi River?Anaconda Plan
14. Why was the Civil War called a “poor man’s war”?The rich could hire others to serve for them if they had 20 or more slaves, so poor men died more often than rich.
15. I was a nurse who was called the "Angel of the Battlefield" and I later founded the American Red Cross. Who am I?Clara Barton
16. After John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln, he jumped from the balcony and screamed what? AND what does it mean?Sic Semper Tyrannis/Thus Always to Tyrants
17. What is remarkable about Confederate General, Nathan Bedford?He had 29 horses shot out from under him.
18. After what battle did many wounded soldiers begin noticing that their wounds started glowing in the dark? and what was this phenomenon called?Shiloh/Angel's Glow
19. What happened to Abraham Lincoln nearly 8 months before he was assassinated?He was nearly shot at and killed in 1864.
20. Nearly a year before Lincoln was killed, his son Robert nearly died from falling under a moving train, when a stranger miraculously pulled him back onto the platform and saved Robert's life. Who was this man AND what is fascinating about him?Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes Booth
21. Name the 5 deadliest Civil War battles in order?Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Spotsylvania, Chancellorsville, Wilderness.


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 1 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 2 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge's_wallet_the_night_he_was_assassinated?

Question 3 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge"Four_Score_and_Seven_Years_Ago..."_is_the_beginning_of_what_AND_how_many_years_is_it?

Question 4 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge’s_first_general_who_later_ran_for_president_against_him.

Question 5 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 6 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 7 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 8 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 9 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 10 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge,_but_led_to_the_loss_of_their_greatest_fighting_general_in_"Stonewall"_Jackson,

Question 11 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 12 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge’s_plan_to_cripple_the_South_by_blockading_the_sea_ports_and_dividing_the_South_in_half_at_the_Mississippi_River?

Question 13 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge“poor_man’s_war”?

Question 14 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge"Angel_of_the_Battlefield"_and_I_later_founded_the_American_Red_Cross._Who_am_I?

Question 15 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge,_he_jumped_from_the_balcony_and_screamed_what?_AND_what_does_it_mean?

Question 16 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge,_Nathan_Bedford?

Question 17 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 18 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 19 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge,_his_son_Robert_nearly_died_from_falling_under_a_moving_train,_when_a_stranger_miraculously_pulled_him_back_onto_the_platform_and_saved_Robert's_life._Who_was_this_man_AND_what_is_fascinating_about_him?

Question 20 (of 21)


Civil War Trivia II: QR Challenge

Question 21 (of 21)