Q. Who are you anyway?

International School of ToulouseA. Classtools.net is the work of Russel Tarr, Head of History at the International School of Toulouse, France and author of the established website www.activehistory.co.uk.

Q. Are these resources free of charge?

A. Yes. There is no charge for creating resources with any of these templates.

Q. Can I use these resources on my own website, blog or wiki?

A. Yes. Each template can be saved as a stand-alone HTML file or as a Widget that can be embedded into a blog or wiki - as long as it is non-commercial (commerical use is allowed via a premium subscription). Please note, however, that downloaded HTML files still need to communicate with the ClassTools server and therefore require a computer to have an internet connection.

Q. Can I rely on this website to stay online if I create resources using it?

A. Yes! The site is used heavily by myself, my students and many colleagues and associates around the world, and so there is no way this site is going to disappear! As author of the website www.activehistory.co.uk (now approaching its tenth birthday!) I understand the importance of a website being reliable, durable and stable.

Q. If I save a template, how long does it stay on your server for?

A. Permanently. The only exception is for files which are not accessed even once during a 12-month period. At this point they are considered to be dormant and may be removed from the server to clear space.

Q. Will my resources be available for anyone to see?

Generally speaking, only if you create a link to the resource from your own website / wiki / blog etc. There is no area on the website where all of the files saved by users are made publicly accessible. However, on occasions I will surf through the server trying to spot some examples of good practice and create links to such files from the help pages for each template.

Q. Can I use these resources on my commercial website?

A. If you want to use ClassTools.net templates within a commercial website, please contact me in order to discuss a suitable arrangement.

Q. Can I download these templates for offline viewing?

A. The templates need to run "live" from the server, so an internet connection is therefore needed.

Q. How do I contact you if I have any further questions?

A. Please use the feedback form. I am always keen to hear from users of the website with their comments, suggestions and ideas!

International School of Toulouse

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