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How to use the Bingo card generator

With the ClassTools Bingo Card Generator, you can quickly create a bingo game for your students.

Just provide a list of names, numbers or key terms to create a bingo card, or to print a set of bingo cards.

Alternatively, if the students have access to a mobile device or laptop, the teacher can instead save the list and share the weblink with students so they can generate their own bingo card on the screen.

Basic classroom activity using the Bingo card generator

During a lecture by the teacher, or a presentation from a student, the rest of the class should mark off key terms on their bingo card if and when they are mentioned.

The first student to mark off a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) is the winner.

Advanced classroom activity using the Bingo card generator

Instead of providing key words in the bingo cards, instead provide their definitions. It is then the job to read the card carefully before the lesson activity begins and jot down in each cell of the bingo card what word/term they think is referenced. The game then proceeds as described above, but with the following twist: the winner has to DEFINE each key term in their winning line to demonstrate understanding before winning a prize!

Share your own ideas!

If you have used the ClassTools Bingo card generator in your classroom, and have some ideas or experiences to share of how it worked, please contact us and we will share some of these ideas here on the website!