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Cloze ("Fill the Gaps") Quiz Generator



Create an interactive "fill the gaps" quiz in seconds - complete with a 'Hall of Fame'!


1. Edit the title of this quiz (above) to something appropriate.

2. COPY and PASTE your text into this box (TIP - plain text for best results, to avoid formatting glitches), and edit it as you wish.

3. DOUBLE-CLICK any word to turn it into a 'gap'.

4. To put the word back, simply double-click the gap again or drag the word from the top of the screen to the correct gap.

5. When you are finished, click 'save' to turn your work into an interactive quiz for your students - complete with a Leaderboard so you can see how quickly they finished!

Note: When you save your work, you will provide a password which will allow you to edit the quiz again later.


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