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Fling the Teacher! - Quiz musical


Fling the Teacher!

You need to answer 15 questions to 'Fling the Teacher'. You can play as many times as you like.
Your highest score will be saved onto a leaderboard so your teacher can reward your progress.


Click the following button to login to the game.

Please note: You can only access this test ONCE. Don't login until you are ready to begin!


High scores within the past 36 hours from students using the 'class test' feature

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Note: Requires players to have Google accounts


How it works:

Students will be allowed to login once, and once only, from their Google Account to access the test.

Classtools will record the best score of the student and how long they spent on the game.

Teachers can obtain the results by clicking the 'leaderboard' option.


Simply share the following special link with your students:


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