The ClassTools Arcade Game Generator allows you to submit one set of questions and answers and then converts these into half a dozen revision games that can be shared as weblinks or embedded in your website, blog or wiki.

Several games include a leaderboard so that at the end of the allocated time the teacher can see the highest scores attained by each student.

The games generated currently include:

  • Asteroids
  • Pong!
  • Manic Miner
  • Wordshoot
  • Cannonball
  • Matching Pairs
  • Flashcards

Taking it further

Only Connect!

Get students to create their own revision games on different subjects ahead of the revision period. Use this databank of quizzes as starter/plenary exercises during revision time, and compile a Revision Leaderboard to build up a sense of competition.

There are other game generators available at ClassTools, including the PacMan Generator, Only Connect, and the HTML Crossword Generator.


ClassTools Arcade Game Generator

Sample quizzes from the Arcade Game Generator