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Connect Fours

A great team quiz to revise key words and the connections between them!

You will see a wall of 16 clues.
You need to group them into 4 rows of 4 connected items.
Simply click four cards to identify a group.
You score 1 point for each group found within 2.5 minutes.
You have unlimited guesses for the first two groups.
After completing 2 groups, you have 3 chances to create the final 2 groups.

After arranging all 4 groups (or when time runs out) the correct groups are shown.
You can earn 1 point per group for identifying the connection between them.
If you spot all 4 groups and all 4 connections, you gain a 2-point bonus (a total of 10 points).

This quiz is based on, but is not affiliated with, the 'connect wall' element in the BBC quiz show 'Only Connect'