As a starter, plenary or revision exercise, challenge students to summarise an aspect of their most recent study topic as a ‘click bait’ headline for a trashy website blog post.

I have coded the following tool to help students generate their own headlines, complete with image:

ClassTools Headline Generator

Common formats of such blogposts involve the phrases:

  • [?] tries to [?]. The reason why will make you [?]
  • [?] tries to [?].  You won’t BELIEVE what happened next!
  • This video will prove that [?]
  • 10 [?] you should never [?] to [?]
  • X was Y. First you’ll be shocked, then you’ll be inspired
  • 10 [?] that look like [?]
  • 10 [?] that you won’t believe [?]

Taking it further

During revision, secretly allocate different students a different topic to produce a clickbait headline for. Other students then have to guess what topic is being referred to.


This idea was inspired by the #historicalclickbait concept from Kate Wiles at History Today and shared on Twitter by the great #histedchat contributor Anne Gripton.


ClassTools Headline Generator

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 19.40.54