Superb podcast series such as “50 things that made the modern economy” and “A History of the world in 100 objects” reflect the growing popularity of understanding topics through key objects:

This approach could be adopted in a classroom setting by challenging students to decide upon the most iconic objects to symbolise a particular topic, theme or individual that they study.

Case Study: An overview of the IB History course

At the start of the IB course this September, the humanities faculty here at the International School of Toulouse presented the new IB cohorts in our three subjects with an overview of the syllabus in our respective subjects. Students were then invited then choose a topic, theme or individual to research further, and use this research to decide upon an “object” which would symbolise it best.

Each student then produced an ‘exhibit’ as the basis of an engaging corridor exhibition. It was a nice way of giving students an overview of the entire course.

Here are some of the outcomes from historians in case you’re interested in trying something similar. I might adopt the same approach for particular topics at different points in the course.