• This resource is designed to be printed off on A3 paper, laminated and then placed at the appropriate height in the classroom.

• Students (and teachers) are invited to stand against it and write their names at the appropriate height to find out which historical and current celebrities share the same height.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 20.41.02

Lesson / Activity Idea

• Each student in the class should measure themselves against the ‘Who tall are you?’ chart.

• Each student then has to choose one of the names corresponding to their height to research in more detail.

• The teacher will then conduct a ‘balloon debate’ between the different characters over several rounds to determine the most important character chosen.

Other ideas:

The “Who tall are you?” chart can be taken down at the end of each academic year and replaced with a fresh version. As students make their way through the school it will be interesting to chart their growth over the course of their time at school over several years. Ideas, suggestions, comments? Contact me on Twitter (@russeltarr)

Here are some great photos shared by Andrew Fedenev, history teacher at English school #7 in Perm, Russia: