During revision time I start every lesson with a ‘Fling the Teacher’ quiz on the topic to be covered in that lesson.

Prior to the lesson, I warn students what the topic will be so they can revise.

At the start of the lesson, I outline the main task for the lesson so they know what to do as soon as they finish the quiz.

I then direct students to a ‘Fling the Teacher’ quiz on this topic.

Students have 10 minutes to complete the quiz.

Any student finishing within that time gets points into their ‘leaderboard’ (which is an Excel spreadsheet which builds up throughout the revision period) based on the amount of time left on the clock (I usually double the amount of minutes). They can then proceed to the main task outlined at the start of the lesson.

It’s a great way of encouraging students to do a bit of intensive revision prior to each lesson – especially if prizes are awarded in the final lesson before study leave starts!

Here’s a video of some of my students doing the ‘Fling the Teacher Leaderboard Challenge’ in Summer 2013 (Georgia, in the hotseat, was the overall winner at the end of the competition!)


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