Overview: With full credit to Kate 🙂

To revise the impact of a particular period or individual upon particular places over time, students could produce mock ‘TripAdvisor’ reviews, labelled onto a map. The rating for each place could, for example, reflect how successfully the problem in that area was dealt with.

This concept was formulated by one of my most creative IGCSE historians, who was summarising how successfully the League of Nations dealt with the border disputes it faced in the 1920s.


Other ideas for the format

Each label could reflect the degree of responsibility that each country/place held for the outbreak of a particular war (the higher the ‘Tripadvisor rating’, the more it contributed). This might be entire countries (for example in the Origins of World War One) or particular events within them (for example, the Sudeten Crisis, the Anschluss, the Abysinnian Crisis in the years leading up to World War Two).

Taking it further

The completed diagram could form the basis of a Google Earth Tour or an interactive “Mission MapQuest” game.