In subjects like History it is important for students to have firm chronological understanding. To help them develop a solid grasp of the order in which events took place, simply input a timeline of events into the new “‘Play your dates right’ quiz generator” at ClassTools.net.

Students simply have to guess in a ‘race against the clock’ format whether the event on the right occurred before or after the one in the middle. A correct guess wins a point and the cards then slide along for a new event to drop into view.

Case Study

I copied a timeline of events relating to modern world history from a Word document, pasted it into the interface, and then challenged different teams of students to take turns playing the game on the interactive whiteboard to see who could get the best score.

Taking it further

Although the game has been designed for the History classroom primarily in mind, it can also be used in any subject where a sequence of events needs be be learned.


Russel Tarr, Play Dates Right (Available at: http://www.classtools.net/playdatesright/)