A simple, visual way to evaluate historical and literary characters from more than one perspective!

Students choose a fictional or historical character to evaluate and write their name into the template.

  • Decide on at least 4, but up to 8, ways to rate your historical/fictional character (e.g. loyalty, friendliness, intelligence, determination, tolerance – this is a discussion in itself!)
  • Place a dot on each line to rate your character for your categories (10 being the best score).
  • Join up the dots to produce a “Wheel of Life” for your character.
  • Explain your choice in the table overleaf.

Taking it further:

Arrange students into a continuum line, with the most positive interpretations at one end, and the most negative at the other.

Print off the wheels of different students and arrange them in a diamond 9 diagram as a classroom display piece.

Create a ‘physical’ wheel of life by arranging eight students on the playground – each step outwards from the centre of the circle (up to a maximum of 10) for each of the categories of analysis.

DownloadWheel of Life Template (.doc).