A screenshot giving an impression of the ‘walk-through’ effect.

As a way of encouraging focused research, or an effective means of summarising or revising a topic, I have coded this facility which allows students to  design a virtual, 3D-Animated museum exhibition on a topic or theme of your choice.

I have also designed a markscheme / helpsheet to accompany the activity to make it even simpler to use.

Students have to choose their images and videos carefully: they have space for TEN exhibits only.

Each exhibit should be given a title and a description for maximum educational effect.

When students are finished, they can save their work for future editing, and embed their work into your own website.

Taking it further

  • The title of the gallery could be an entire topic, or a narrower focus within it. For example, “The German Weimar Republic” could be instead “Culture of the Weimar Republic” or even “The Art of George Grosz”.
  • Consider constructing the title in the form of a question to provide added interest: for example, “What are the main characteristics of…?” or “What were the strengths and weaknesses of …?”.


ClassTools 3D Gallery Generator

Helpsheet / Markscheme