I am a big fan of using game formats as a revision strategy. Over several weeks I use various quiz formats and build up a ‘Leaderboard Challenge‘ culminating in an overall winner being declared in the class each year [more].

Johnny Hemphill (@worcesterjonny) recently shared a couple of additional revision games on Twitter which I am keen to try out myself with my own students:

1. Snooker

Students gain more points for answering more difficult questions, and continue to answer questions to build up the score for their ‘break’ until they provide an incorrect answer. I like the way that “describe” questions are ranked as being of a lower value than the “explain” questions. If and when I use this, I’ll design “assess” questions as the most difficult of all.


Download Template (.pub file – Microsoft Publisher)


2. Battleships

This format follows the rules of the classic ‘Battleships’ game, with the twist that if a player does not hit a target, they have to answer a question from the challenge board in order to earn an extra turn. When a player answers incorrectly, it is the turn of the other student to play.


Download Template (.pub file – Microsoft Publisher)


I quite like the idea of creating a template on ClassTools which can generate these boards from quiz questions created using the ClassTools Arcade Game Generator!

you can follow Johnny Hemphill on Twitter: @worcesterjonny

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